Friday, August 31, 2012

GNBF Update, Fresh Hop Beer this weekend!

Still working on the GNBF video.  It's going to be about 12 minutes long at this point.  Not exactly a short video but I took so much footage!  Man was that a fun event.  Anyway, this weekend the wife and I are headed up to Sioux Falls for Lifelight Festival where my band is playing for a few kids at a rock show.  Well.  About 350,000 kids who love rock music.  But I'll be back on Monday and then I can get this video finished.  I'll also be brewing a fresh hop beer from my garden in the back yard.  My first year's harvest will be fun indeed.  I'm planning on making 15 gallons of wort and using my Galena, Horizon, Centennial, Cascade and Columbus from the back yard.  I'm calling the beer "Pure Hoptonium" and plan on bringing it to the Homebrewer's Festival at Beertopia in October.

Anyway, I'll have more updates this next week I'm sure.  Including the GNBF video!  Get ready!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Great Nebraska Beerfest this weekend, BLaB is an official video sponsor of GNBF!

It has been a little while.  Thankfully.  I'm still here.  The hops are still growing like champions.  (They're getting to be big!)  And I have wonderful news for my slowly but surely growing base of readers.  This weekend at the Great Nebraska Beer Fest, sponsored by Nebraska Brewing Company, Brew Like A Boss will be live and on location as an "Official Video Sponsor" for GNBF!  What does this mean?  I will be there for both the live events on Friday and Saturday taking video of everything going on.  Getting interviews with brewers and beer fans, checking out new and exciting beers, showing everyone the fun and hospitable atmosphere of the festival in general, I'll be doing it all.  (Well close anyway.)  So be ready for some great video footage to be released on the blog after the festival weekend.  And if you see me at the festival, come say hello.  You might get in a video!

For more information on the biggest and best beer festival in Nebraska, check out:

And just because you're probably wanting to see them.  Here's an update on how my hops are looking in the back yard.  How cool are they?  They're crawling through the roof of the gazebo now.  So when I go outside I can sit underneath a blanket of hops.  (It's almost time for a fresh hop pale ale!)